Because of its practicality and modern look, polished concrete flooring is increasing in popularity. Furthermore, this versatile solution is ideal for domestic, commercial and industrial spaces.

This contemporary flooring is available in numerous colours and finishes. As well as this, it is also effective with an underfloor heating system.


In addition to the clean and contemporary look, there are various benefits to installing a polished concrete floor, which include:

Slip Resistance – While many will associate the word polished with slippy, this isn’t the case with this flooring solution. Polished concrete has a relatively high friction coefficient, making it non-slippery. Furthermore, additional treatment will boost its slip resistance.

Countless Design Possibilities – As previously mentioned, there is a wide variety of colours and texture effects achievable in a polished concrete installation. This surface can also imitate many other flooring solutions. Stencilled graphics and engravings can assist in further customisations.

Durability & Lifespan – Polished concrete is strong and resilient and will withstand heavy footfall and furniture and equipment. In addition to strength, it is difficult to damage and almost possible to scratch or chip.

Moreover, the surface has an incredibly long lifespan, with a properly installed floor expected to last over a century, even in the busiest commercial environments.

Hygienic –  When adequately finished and sealed, this surface will be fluid resistant. Further coatings can provide waterproof barriers and antimicrobial protection.

Low Maintenance – Polished concrete flooring is an easy surface to maintain. A daily dust mop or broom sweep will prevent the build-up of dust and dirt. A weekly damp mop will eliminate scuffs and restore the gloss. 

Chemical Resistance – An additional epoxy coating will protect the surface from chemicals and potential erosion.



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