Are you looking for something a little different? Something to create a real talking point in any home or commercial setting? The answer is a floor made from pennies. 

Penny flooring is precisely that, flooring made of pennies finished off with a coating of epoxy resin, creating truly stunning results. This innovative method creates a floor that’s unique and stylish. It is a great way to reinvent your home or commercial space without a considerable cost. 


If a floor made of coins is something you think is worth considering for your home or commercial space, here are some key points:

Versatile: Ludaflors can lay penny floors almost anywhere. Bathrooms, kitchens, toilets, dining areas and office receptions are all places to consider. We can also create this finish on bars and tabletops.

Durable: We seal our coin flooring with epoxy resin. This sealant protects the coins and makes the finished floor permanent. The resin finish is UV resistant and non-yellowing and means the pennies will always maintain the same look.

Unique: This type of flooring is incredibly uncommon and will create a real talking point no matter the room of installation. 

Creative: The number of patterns and design options are endless with penny flooring. Shiny pennies to old pennies, heads or tails, coin placement will dictate the visual look of the floor.


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