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Several requirements need meeting before thinking about a commercial kitchen flooring installation. As experts in commercial flooring, we have considerable experience and know which solutions will deliver the best results.

First and foremost, kitchen flooring for any business needs to be practical. It needs to be safe, and it needs to have traction. Furthermore, it needs to be hygienic and, consequently, easy to clean. Equally important, durability must be taken into account and needs to withstand impacts, heavy apparatus, wear and harsh cleaning solutions. Last but not least, it needs to be comfortable to stand on. After all, workers will spend hours at a time standing on this surface. 

Temperature Considerations

When reviewing flooring solutions for a commercial kitchen, it is also worth considering the installation environment and the potential temperature variations. For instance, there is a significant temperature difference between the space under ovens and a walk-in freezer.

Flooring and subflooring will expand and contract differently depending on the solution and temperature. With this in mind, you will need a flooring installation that will cater for all eventualities. Here are some great options worth considering:

Ceramic Tile

Ceramic Tiles are an obvious choice. Glazed tiles, in particular, are not porous and prevent the growth of bacteria. Moreover, this glaze adds additional protection from moisture and daily wear. Although hard underfoot, ceramics are tried and tested in kitchen environments. Extra comfort in high-traffic areas such as prep-stations and sinks is achievable with rubber matting.

Ceramic Tile Factory Floor


Resin flooring comes in three varieties, MMA, Epoxy and polyurethane (often abbreviated to PU). It is a prevalent solution, and its usage varies from installations within commercial kitchens, factories and food production facilities. Resin flooring is hygienic, easy to maintain, and slip-resistant, and these further benefits make it an ideal choice for any commercial kitchen flooring installation.

Safety flooring installed in a hospital

Commercial Vinyl

LVT and sheet vinyl are both great options to consider. Specialist vinyl safety flooring would add slip resistance. Moreover, it is also low maintenance and easy to clean, making it a very hygienic solution. It is generally the lowest cost commercial kitchen flooring solution. Finally, it is aesthetically pleasing and can mimic other flooring solutions like wood or stone, but bespoke solutions are available.


Polished Concrete

Polished concrete floors can create one of the most beautiful and versatile looks you can have in a busy commercial kitchen. With a wide range of stains and dyes available, the look is customisable. Furthermore, it is resistant to moisture and staining and will also stand up to dropped kitchen equipment better than other solutions. In terms of maintenance, very little is required. Regular sweeping throughout the day and mopping once daily is all you’ll need.

polished concrete flooring in an office foyer

Installing the Right Commercial Kitchen Flooring Solution

Adequately installed flooring requires skill and experience. Without proper implementation, money spent will increase over time due to maintenance and repair needs. You can rely on Ludaflors for your commercial kitchen flooring needs. We ensure a surface that will endure. Contact us today for a no-obligation consultation.

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