Ceramic tiles are a great example where durability meets versatility and is still one of the most popular floor and wall solutions. As well as being environmentally friendly, the versatility of the product means virtually any domestic or commercial environments, and some industrial zones are suitable. Furthermore, with countless designs, colours, shapes and textures available, Ludaflors guarantees to have the right ceramic solution for your situation and budget.



Durability – When it comes to endurance, ceramic tile is right up there. They are incredibly robust and difficult to crack unless hit hard with a substantial object. If a tile or tiles do crack, the replacement method is simple to complete. We offer a convenient tile replacement service.

Low Maintenance – Compared to other flooring solutions, ceramics are one of the easiest to maintain. Liquids, stains and dirt rest on the surface; these are simply swept away or mopped up. With this solution, mops, sweeping brushes, and a vacuum cleaner are all that is required. Moreover, heavy-duty cleaners will not cause any damage to the surface.

Water Resistance – Glazed tiles are made with a protective surface layer which makes them impenetrable by liquids and stains. In contrast, unglazed ceramics do not offer this protection, although the application of a sealant will protect from liquids. In addition to this, grout in between tiles also needs sealing to prevent water seepage.

Diverse Design Options – Modern ceramic tiles are available in infinite shapes, colours, patterns and surface textures. In addition to this, they can replicate surfaces like stone or hardwood. 



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