Carpet tile flooring presents a durable and cost-effective solution for both commercial and domestic areas. It remains one of the most cost-efficient flooring solutions for high foot traffic environments. In addition to its continuing popularity in commercial spaces such as retail outlets, leisure and hospitality premises and offices. This solution is becoming more popular in the domestic market due to the ever-growing portfolio of designs and colours. Here are some key reasons why this could be the flooring for you.



Low Maintenance – Tiled carpets are simple to clean. A regular vacuum and a monthly deep clean will keep the surface in the best possible condition. Replacing individual carpet tiles in the event of staining or damage is a far more inexpensive solution than replacing an entire carpet.

Customisable – Whether it be a commercial or domestic project, carpet tiles present creative freedoms that other flooring solutions do not provide. With an ever-expanding choice of colours and patterns available, there are endless possibilities of what is achievable.



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